Terms of use & Privacy policy


This Agreement, referred to as the "Terms of Use," establishes the terms and conditions between you (referred to as “user”, “you”, and “your”) and Airdrop Copilot (”Copilot”, “Company”, “we”, “us”, and “our”). It governs your utilization of the services provided by Airdrop Copilot, including the Airdrop Farming Bot. By engaging with the Copilot Website, you affirm that you have comprehensively read, understood, and agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

To qualify for the use of Copilot Website and/or additional services provided by third parties and accessible through Copilot Website, you must be a resident of a country where the relevant services are supported. Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old or, if higher, the age of majority in your country of residence. We reserve the right to make amendments to this Agreement periodically. In such cases, we will publish the updated Agreement on the Website and specify the revision date at the top of this page. Your ongoing use of the Copilot Website following any modifications constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the revised Agreement.


Purpose of the Website

The Website is provided for the purpose of interacting with different contracts on the blockchain through a single interface. The service and platform are designed to make it easier for people to interact with decentralized applications, not by using their interface, but by interacting directly with the blockchain only. Copilot Website is not meant to provide any financial advice or financial benefit. The Company disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on other goals such as financial gain or financial advice by you or any other visitor to our Website, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents. Any information you provide or that is collected by the Company through the Website shall be handled in accordance with the Website's Privacy Policy.

Use of the Website. The Company grants you a non-exclusive license to access and use the Platform including the Website and the data, material, content, or information herein (collectively, the “Content”) solely for your personal use. Your right to access and use the Website shall be limited to the purposes described in these Terms unless you are otherwise expressly authorized by the Company to use the Website for your own commercial purposes. You agree to use the Website only for lawful purposes, comply with all rules governing any transactions on and through the Website and comply with applicable laws.

Recording Transactions on Public Blockchains

Transactions that occur on the Platform are managed and confirmed using public blockchains, such as the Ethereum blockchain. When you make a transaction on the Platform, your public address on the relevant blockchain becomes visible to the public. We don't own or control MetaMask, other Wallets, Ethereum network, or any other blockchain networks we connect with. We also aren't responsible for third-party sites, products, or services you use to access Platform features. We aren't liable for the actions of these third parties or any harm you face from your transactions or interactions with them.

Wallet and private key management

You have full control over the cryptocurrencies stored in your wallets connected to Copliot. In the Copilot, your private keys are directly stored on your device encrypted. You can withdraw your cryptocurrency at any time by transferring it to a different blockchain address, contingent upon internet access and blockchain congestion.

Gas Usage

Smart contracts on blockchain networks handle all Platform transactions. These networks typically need a transaction fee for each transaction. For instance, the Ethereum network demands a fee ("Gas fee") for all its transactions, including those on the Platform. The Gas Fee's value changes and is beyond the Company's control.


Subject to this Agreement, Airdrop Copilot grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, limited license to use and access the Service solely for your own use, and solely as permitted by and in compliance with the Terms and Applicable Law. Such a limited license may be revoked at any time in Airdrop Copilot's sole discretion.

Prohibited Actions

When using the Website, you must not:

Avoid causing harm to the Website, disrupting others' usage, or overloading it. Do not attempt unauthorized access to Company accounts, systems, or networks. Do not obtain information not intentionally provided by the Company. Avoid using automated tools to access or duplicate Website content. Refrain from introducing harmful software or engaging in denial-of-service attacks. Do not impersonate the Company, its employees, or other users. Do not sell, distribute, modify, or exploit the Service or its content for commercial purposes. Do not tamper with the Service's components, reverse engineer, or create similar products. Do not utilize the Service to develop competing websites, products, or services. Copying, distributing, or transmitting Service content is prohibited, except as permitted. Any future updates to the Service will also be governed by these regulations. Copyright and other notices must be preserved on copies. Ensure that your use of the Website and Service complies with legal requirements.

Changes to the Website

Airdrop Copilot can change, suspend, or stop the Website at any time, with or without notifying users. You understand and agree that Airdrop Copilot won't be responsible to you or any third party for such changes, suspensions, or discontinuations of the Website or any part of it.

No Support or Maintenance

You understand and agree that Airdrop Copilot isn't obligated to offer you any support or maintenance for the Website or Services.

Cancellation and Refund

Once a purchase is completed, it cannot be canceled or reversed. All purchases are considered final, and refunds are not possible once the cryptocurrency has been transferred to the specified cryptocurrency wallet. Once a purchase has been dispatched to the indicated cryptocurrency wallet, it cannot be revoked or recovered under any circumstances. Upon delivery, you acknowledge and agree that no credit or refund will be provided, and all purchases are deemed final. Copilot obligations to you are fulfilled upon product delivery, and no claims or rights against Copilot are valid thereafter.

Account Suspension

You agree that the Company can suspend or terminate your access to the Services, Website, and Platform if the Company believes, in its sole judgment, that you're using your account for illegal activities, fraud, or transactions that violate these Terms of Use.

No Investment Advice or Recommendations

The content presented on the Copilot website should not be considered as investment advice, financial guidance, trading recommendations, or any form of information upon which a user should rely when making investment decisions. Copilot does not perform due diligence on behalf of users regarding any investment funds, associated offering materials, or underlying investment instruments accessible through the services. Users are advised not to interpret the information on the Copilot website as such, and it is essential for them to conduct their own research and due diligence before making any investment.

Nothing within the Copilot website or any other content on the Copilot social media pages should be construed as a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by Copilot to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments. Users acknowledge that Copilot is not the source of market information, offering materials, or similar data and does not guarantee its accuracy. Furthermore, Copilot does not recommend or endorse any funds using the Services. Users are solely responsible for evaluating the merits and risks associated with using the Copilot Service, the Copilot website, or any related service before making decisions based on market information or content. By utilizing the Copilot Service, users agree not to hold Copilot or its agents liable for any potential claims for damages arising from decisions made based on information.


The Website may contain links to websites operated by individuals or entities other than the Company. These linked sites are beyond our control, and thus we cannot be held responsible for their content, including any links featured on them or any modifications or updates made to them. We disclaim liability for any malfunctioning linked sites or for any potential viruses, malware, or other harmful consequences arising from your use of them. These links are provided solely for your convenience, and their inclusion does not imply our endorsement of the site or any affiliation with its operators. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with the privacy policies and terms of use presented on these linked sites. Any interactions with third parties mentioned on the Website, including the procurement and payment for goods and services, are solely your responsibility. We do not retain any data shared with linked sites and bear no responsibility for any personally identifiable information disclosed on them. You acknowledge that we bear no responsibility for the actions, content, or agreements of third-party websites and contracts accessed via our website interface. You also understand that third-party websites have the discretion to modify their software and are vulnerable to security breaches. Limitation of Liability for Financial Loss: We are not liable for any financial losses resulting from interactions between users' wallets and third-party blockchain contracts. Users assume the risk and responsibility for such interactions. By accepting these terms, you release and discharge Airdrop Copilot, its officers, employees, agents, successors, and assigns from any and all disputes, claims, controversies, demands, rights, obligations, liabilities, actions, and causes of action, whether past, present, or future. This release covers all types of disputes, including those related to personal injuries, death, property damage, and any matters directly or indirectly associated with the Service, including interactions with partners, third parties, and the use of Third-party Links and Applications. This release is valid indefinitely.


Ownership of Company Airdrops: The User acknowledges and agrees that the Company, or its licensors where applicable, hold complete legal ownership of all aspects of the Platform. This includes but is not limited to the Airdrop Copilot logo, graphics, design, systems, methods, information, computer code, software, services, "look and feel," organization, compilation of content, code, data, and all other components of the Platform (referred to as the "Company Materials"). Airdrop Copilot is the sole owner of these elements. The Website, Platform, Company Materials, and Content are protected by copyright, trademarks, and other proprietary rights. Consequently, you are strictly prohibited from using the Website or Content in any manner except as explicitly authorized by the Company in these Terms.

Unauthorized Use and Limitations: The Website or Content cannot be copied, replicated, altered, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, performed, distributed, or modified in any way. You also agree not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, transmit, broadcast, or create derivative works without the express written consent of the Company or the applicable owner. With the exception of the rights expressly outlined herein, your utilization of the Platform does not grant you ownership or any other rights pertaining to any content, code, data, or other materials accessible through the Platform. The Company retains all rights to the Company Materials that are not explicitly granted to Users within the Terms.

Restrictions on Usage: You may not utilize any Airdrop Copilot Content to establish links to the Website or Content without obtaining our explicit written permission. Framing techniques may not be employed to enclose any Airdrop Copilot Content without our prior written consent.

Moreover, the overall appearance of the Site and Content, including elements such as page headers, customized graphics, button icons, and scripts, constitute Airdrop Copilot's service mark, trademark, or trade dress, and may not be duplicated, mimicked, or employed, whether in part or in whole, without obtaining our advance written consent. Account Ownership: Despite any contrary provision in these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that you do not possess any ownership or property interest in your account. Additionally, all rights associated with your account shall forever be owned by and accrue to the benefit of Airdrop Copilot.

Non-Company Intellectual Property: Beyond the Company Materials, all other trademarks, product names, logos, and similar intellectual property displayed on the Platform remain the property of their respective owners. These intellectual property assets may not be copied, imitated, or utilized, either partially or in their entirety, without obtaining permission from the relevant trademark holder.


By agreeing to these terms, you commit to releasing, indemnifying, and holding Airdrop Copilot and its Affiliates, as well as their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents, harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses. This includes reasonable legal and accounting fees, which may arise directly or indirectly from the following situations:

Your access to, utilization of, or inability to use the Platform, the Website, or the Service. Your violation of the terms outlined in this Agreement. Your infringement upon the rights of any third party. Your violation of any laws that are relevant and applicable. Any and all financial losses you may experience, or potentially cause others to experience, due to the using Airdrop Copilot Website. This includes instances where such trades were executed based on information acquired from the Platform or the Service.


Absence of Insurance in Airdrop Transactions: Airdrop transactions, unlike traditional currency, are not backed by legal tender status or government support, and are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation safeguards for wallet accounts and value balances. Copilot does not guarantee the functionality of the Ethereum network or any associated dapps, which may result in delays, conflicts of interest, or unfavorable operational decisions by third parties. These issues could potentially impede your ability to complete transactions through the Copilot Website. Transaction details submitted via the Copilot Website may encounter delays or may not be completed on the Ethereum network, with Copilot assuming no responsibility for transaction failures or deviations from expectations. There are no warranties or guarantees that a transfer initiated through Copilot will successfully transfer ownership or rights in any cryptocurrency.

Lack of Insurance Coverage: It is acknowledged that cryptocurrency transactions are not covered by protections or insurance provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. As a software provider, Copilot operates without regulation from any federal or state regulatory agency and is not obligated to undergo examinations or comply with reporting requirements imposed by such agencies.

Acknowledgment of Airdrop and Smart Contract Risks: You understand and voluntarily accept the potential risks associated with cryptographic systems, including but not limited to smart contracts, public blockchain networks (such as the Ethereum blockchain network), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the interplanetary file system.

Non-Responsibility for Blockchain Technical Errors: The Company cannot be held responsible for technical errors occurring on any blockchain. The Company disclaims any responsibility for losses stemming from blockchains or any other aspects of the Ethereum network or any other blockchain network that the Company may interact with. This includes interactions with tools such as the Metamask wallet or similar browsers or wallets on any blockchain network. This disclaimer extends to scenarios like delayed reporting by developers or representatives, or even the absence of reporting, regarding issues with the blockchain supporting the Ethereum network or any other blockchain network that the Company may interface with. This encompasses events like forks, technical node challenges, or any other issues that result in financial losses.

Potential Adverse Effects of Upgrades and Changes: Upgrades to the Ethereum platform or any other blockchain network with which the Company interfaces, as well as hard forks or alterations in transaction confirmation mechanisms on such platforms, have the potential to lead to unintended and unfavorable consequences for all blockchains employing the ERC-20, ERC-721, or ERC-1155 standards.

Acknowledgment of Platform Risks: Users acknowledge that the Platform is subject to potential flaws and agree that the evaluation of any information provided by the Platform remains their sole responsibility. This advisory, along with other warnings outlined in this Agreement by the Company, does not establish or indicate an ongoing obligation to continuously apprise you of all conceivable risks connected to using or accessing the Platform. The Platform may be susceptible to intricate cyber-attacks, unforeseen spikes in activity, or other operational or technical complications that might lead to interruptions or delays on the Platform. Users hereby agree to assume the risk of Platform malfunctions arising from unexpected or escalated technical challenges, including those resulting from advanced attacks, and consent not to hold the Company liable for any corresponding losses.

Non-Liability for Technical Issues and Attacks: The Company shall not assume any liability for any damages or interruptions resulting from viruses that may affect your computer or other equipment, or for any damages stemming from phishing, spoofing, or other malicious attacks.

Legal Considerations: In certain jurisdictions, limitations or exclusions of liability for incidental or consequential damages might not be permissible. Consequently, the aforementioned limitation or exclusion might not be applicable to you.


Subject to the terms outlined in this section, this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect throughout your utilization of the Platform or the Service (the "Term"). We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your privileges to access and use the Platform or the Service at our sole discretion, and for any reason, including instances where you employ the Platform or the Service in violation of this Agreement.

Voluntary Termination: You hold the right to conclude this Agreement at any time by discontinuing your use of the Platform and the Service and informing Airdrop Copilot via the following discord server: https://discord.com/invite/jvaBZVUFd2 Whether the termination is initiated by the User or the Company, you will not be eligible for any reimbursements.

Immediate Effect of Termination: Upon the termination of your rights pursuant to this Agreement, your authority to access and use the Sites and the Service will be immediately revoked. Airdrop Copilot will not bear any responsibility towards you for the termination of your rights as delineated in this Agreement.

Survival of Certain Provisions: All provisions within this Agreement that, based on their nature, should persist beyond the termination of Services, shall indeed survive the termination. This encompasses, without limitation, ownership provisions, disclaimers of warranties, and limitations of liability.

Modification of Terms of Use: The Company reserves the right to periodically revise or amend these Terms in response to alterations in the provided services, modifications in legal requirements, or other reasons deemed appropriate by the Company. The effective date of any updated Terms will be indicated in the "Latest Revision" section located at the beginning of these Terms. Your ongoing utilization of the Website following the communication of any such modification shall signify your acceptance of the respective change(s).


As defined herein, “Personal Information” refers to data that either directly or indirectly identifies an individual or is reasonably capable of doing so. It includes information that can be associated with an identified or reasonably identifiable individual. Below is an outline of the Personal Information we collect from you:

Personal Information Collection: We (or our Affiliates) may directly collect the following categories of Personal Information from you:

1. Airdrop wallet address. 2. Airdrop wallet activity, such as interactions on the blockchain. 3. Private keys of users' wallets stored locally.

How We Use Your Personal Information: Our purpose in collecting Personal Information about you is to improve your overall experience, mitigate risks associated with misuse and fraudulent activities, and contribute to the maintenance and enhancement of our Airdrop Services.

We may utilize your personal information for the following purposes:

1. Direct delivery of the service through our website. 2. Displaying your activity statistics within your individual account on the website.

Sharing of Personal Information: We are committed to safeguarding your privacy. Therefore, we will never sell, share, rent, or trade your Personal Information with third parties for their commercial purposes.